Mélong Ling (pronounced MAY-LONG) is Tibetan for "Mirror Place".

When one has true clarity, the mind is like a mirror. It is completely open and free from distortion. 

Mind, body and energy are equally examined through the Three Jewels Method which focuses on motion, mindfulness and meditation.

The vast majority of western yoga studios have a focus on the body, often neglecting meditation and mindfulness exercises. In many meditation centers, the sole focus is on meditation and mindfulness, leaving out the importance of physical exercise.

The root word of "yoga" is “yoke”; to join in union or harmony. When our mind, body and energy is in harmony, we can live happier lives. When we live happier lives, we can overcome obstacles and help others. When we have internal harmony, we can gain clarity of mind. Clarity of mind allows us to become aware of our basic goodness or primordial state of being. With this awareness, we can come to the realization that we are all one.

Workshops at Mélong Ling draw from African, Tibetan, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and other Eastern ancient cultures. We practice and study yoga and the contemplative arts.

IO Workshop | Mélong Ling is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the inner science of yoga and outer science (STEAM).