Build together in the here and now, so that we can move forward in harmony.

Gather Forward is an event designed to help spark creative and mindful interaction between human beings and the world we live in. The goal is to purposefully build together in the here and now, so that we can move forward in harmony.

Instead of engaging with society, too many of us are retreating to our own small corners. We are whispering and repeating falsehoods among people who look and behave like us. We are self-medicating with prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and social media. It’s time to awaken. It’s time to open our eyes and see ourselves and the world, as is. It’s time to go inward, to tend to our inner gardens and do some weeding. Only then can we produce fruit to share with those around us; fruits of unconditional love, joy, compassion, kindness, peace, and many others.

Who is this for? Everyone – individuals, corporations, educational institutions and all organizations.

We believe that we are better together. There are plenty of studies to reference regarding teamwork and the essential components that are key to success, particularly in the workplace. However, less time is spent looking at the individual and the inner work that one can do before effectively contributing in a team-based environment. To achieve this, we rely on the practice of yoga, specifically mindfulness. Mindfulness means that we are aware and pay close attention to our thoughts, actions, speech and the world around us. Ideally, an individual will also incorporate motion and meditation for a healthy body and a clearer mind, respectively. By integrating these ancient tools into our lives, we can operate in team-based environments in a more harmonious way. We can rediscover clarity, reignite the passion for our mission, whether its at home, the workplace, school or on the other side of the planet. Gather your friends, family and neighbors. Together, we can move as one... forward!

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