Knowledge is transmitted to the student by effectively communicating and demonstrating through action, words and feeling.

Joseph V. Murray, CYT, Executive Director

Joseph V. Murray, CYT, Executive Director

Joseph is a yoga teacher, accomplished composer, producer, and award-winning multimedia artist. He loves photography, woodworking, painting, and the joy that comes with making things. His music has been featured in games, films and on television networks, including A&E, Biography, Discovery, NBC, Oxygen, and others. Joseph releases his recordings as Toao.

Joseph was taught mindfulness from a young age. He has been studying meditation and holistic living for over 12 years. Part of his journey began when he was diagnosed with a rare malignant Wilms tumor. After recovering from two surgeries, radiation, and seven months of chemotherapy, he began his investigation into the power of motion, mindfulness and meditation.

As a child, his parents always emphasized the importance of mindfulness, spirituality, and being physically active. He and his family would often go on long hikes through the woods. It was never simply a trek from point A to point B. There was always an emphasis on the importance to stop, look and listen; to be present. It was about a journey that encompassed adventure, physical exercise, mindfulness and contemplation.

As a father, he is acutely aware of the needs in his community and beyond for the same kinds of experiences he had as a child. He believes that now, more than ever, there should be a concerted effort to educate children and adults about the importance of physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Joseph is a certified Yantra Yoga teacher and student of world-renowned Yantra Yoga master Fabio Andrico, Chogyal Namkai Norbu’s foremost student in the practice. Joseph is co-founder of SoilSound, IO Workshop and Mélong Ling. He is also an architect of the Three Jewels Method, three yoga programs, and the SoilSound Chronicles international podcast. He uses a delightful sense of humor and comprehensive analogies to teach movement, mindfulness and meditation to children and adults. He is a firm believer that yoga is for everybody and every body. He encourages yoga practitioners at all levels to do their best to promote diversity, kindness, unity, and wellness. Additionally, he firmly believes in the mandala principle; that all parts work together in harmony. Joseph is a member of The Independent Yoga Educators of America.

Artist Statement
I am an audiovisual artist and a maker of things. It is my intention to create works of art that are spontaneous and therefore fresh. I achieve this by seizing the moment of transmission from the source, whatever that may be. There is a spark in that small moment or space in time. The spark kindles my creative flame, allowing subsequent ideas to flow on the spot, without hesitation. The creative experience itself is the purpose of my engagement. The end result is a manifestation of the creative experience. As an artist, it is the joy of this experience that I truly seek and wish to share.