Powerful tools to help young people and adults achieve authentic balance in their lives.



Our body is a living mandala. All of its parts must work together to survive. What affects one part ultimately affects the others. In its natural state, it is perfectly balanced. Nothing needs to be added or taken away. However, we do need to maintain it. This is accomplished through exercise, a healthy diet, and rest.


In our early years, days were filled with a wondrous, natural curiosity about how the world worked. Somehow, between birth and the present, the exuberant, carefree life of a child was lost; misplaced like an old toy. Mindfulness is simply learning to stop, look, and listen. It is about being here, not there; now, not earlier or later.


The mind is like a mirror. As we get older, it develops blemishes, scratches, and haziness. These are the obstacles that we encounter through life. These obstacles include fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger, etc. Meditation is simply a way to clear your mind, getting it closer to its original state of clarity or emptiness.


Motion, mindfulness and meditation are at the root of a great yoga practice.

Motion, mindfulness and meditation are the three points of focus within The Three Jewels method. Many yoga instructors and studio owners present the art and science of yoga solely as a physical workout. All over the country, studios and gyms are offering yoga classes designed to help participants shed pounds and increase their cardio. Unfortunately, these classes lack any practice or even discussion of mindfulness and meditation. The result is students who may know many poses, but are mentally, energetically, and spiritually imbalanced. In this sense, it's better to refer to these places as asana studios, rather than yoga studios.

The yoga studio should be a place of transformation. It can become an integral part of the community with powerful tools for young people and adults to achieve authentic balance in their lives.


The Three Jewels are indispensable on the path of the yogi.

The motion jewel is colored red, which symbolizes fire or heat. The Mindfulness jewel is colored yellow, which symbolizes richness. The Meditation jewel is colored blue, which symbolizes clarity and wisdom. The mélong (mirror) is white, which symbolizes space and openness.


The goal of a dedicated yoga practice is to bring enlightenment through balance and harmony.

For those familiar with the Indian system of yoga (Hatha), the chart below demonstrates how the Eight Limbs (Ashtanga) correspond to The Three Jewels method.